Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Work Personality Profiling...

As I work on Little threads snoods, I stop and look outside where I see a wonderful blue sky. This takes me back to another time in my past, when I had my work personality profile done.

I was deemed to be the type of worker who liked to implement (producer) but was never quite the finisher (assessments, evaluations, recommendations etc). I did them but never revelled in it all.

In my current role, I have had to tick all of those areas in order to re-innovate and re-develop Little Threads products.

Whoever thought of the term "blue skies scenario" probably has a creative tendency. For those of us with the implementer's leaning, blue skies are rare but wonderful.

Having followed through with one thread from my rare blue sky musings I leave you with the output.

Until next time! ;-)

Friday, 6 September 2013

Experimenting - Roses

More blue skies at Little Threads. A couple of creative moments resulted in two roses.

Catherine (4 yrs.) received the pink rose... About 3" in diameter. So a substantial flower.

Today, I made the second rose in blue. A much smaller rose... About 1.5 diameter, for Elizabeth (6 yrs.).

According to Catherine, small flowers are for little sisters! What happened to the big rose she wanted to sleep in???!!! Go figure!

Until next time! ;-)

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Blue Sky...

It has been a long while since I last blogged... Nearly a year... Yikes!!

I am back and at the start of something new for our Little Threads lines. This comes just before Little Threads 1 year anniversary in September. How time flies!

Always an exciting stage for me... The possibilities, as they say, are endless. Time, however, has other ideas. But I love a challenge...

So, I have in mind some Autumn/Winter Threads (2013) and Spring/Summer Threads (2014) for boys and girls.

More accessories also coming. Especially for this Autumn/Winter more Snood fabric options (to be posted at a later date).

Just thought I should share.

Until next time ;-)

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Christmas Dresses and Festive Dribble Bibs!

I have been rather busy recently with these beautiful dresses, which come in four different sizes (6 months, 1yr, 2yrs and 3 yrs).  

I am making more in bigger sizes but these dresses are available to order too!

Also on my Etsy shop you will find bandanna dribble bibs, including these festive ones.

Visit my shop and have a browse.  I am sure you will like what you see and buy something. ;-*

Monday, 20 August 2012

Purple Bloom Dress

I have been at it again!

Yes, I have, and this month I am featuring my 'Purple Bloom Dress' in Joel Dewberry Fabric (Bloom in Lilac).  It is by far one of my favourite makes.  And who doesn't like purple, moreover on their special little one...

You can find this dress on Etsy ...  That's right, I now have a shop on Etsy - Little Threads by Tusa Clark.  Go on...  Have a look... You know you want to!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Fandango Fabric Dresses

Last weekend I had my very first stand at Vintage It's Sew Fun Day.  The event was held in aid of Target Ovarian Cancer and attended by many with varying craft interests and abilities.  I witnessed two young ladies learn to sew and I was humbled....  I had just seen a craft perpetuated.   We all had a wonderful time; selling, sewing, eating, children experimenting with instruments and playing outside etc..  A special mention must go to  Jamie B who entertained everyone with his crooning.

Meanwhile… I sold all of my Amy Butler fabric dresses and need to make more!  In other sizes, because once they are gone, they are gone!  Exclusive – no?  

Despair not.   As of tonight, the dress is available...

in another equally enchanting fabric by Kate Spain… Fandango!  On ebay for purchase or message me to order.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee/ Union Jack Dresses

I made these little beauties in honour of the Diamond Jubilee and the 2012 Olympic Games (in the UK).  The dresses that is...  They are made out of Union Jack flags on continuous cotton fabric. 

My girls were very pleased with them and wore them to school and nursery on red, white and/or blue day (1st June).

A lot of people commented and asked where to get them.  So….  I decided to make some to order.  Go ahead drop me a line.  For that not on the high street union jack dress, contact - tusaclark at or leave a message on my facebook page (Tusa Clark).